All about colors

As a Redken Master Specialist in colors I have been to in depth training in the world of coloring hair. It doesn't mean I'm perfect, but I do know how to determine what can happen with your hair when we color it.

To the right you see the ever popular Ombr'e colors. Ombre means transition. So it fades from a darker color into light, although I have seen it done many many ways.  What confuses clients is the "shade" of hair.  I added this graphic to show you what different terms mean in the color world.  Everyone's image may look a bit different, but you get the idea.  

When you come in for your consultation we will talk about shades.. Keep this picture in mind.

I am also very honest about what can and cannot be done with your hair. I cannot take you from black color to a light blonde in one visit without causing damage to your hair, even with the Olaplex added.  

Redken, along with Pureology are the brands I know and am comfortable with.