A New You by Debi Brittain-Smith

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Hair!!  I love doing hair. Always have.

Over 40 years ago I knew I wanted to be a hairstylist. I was the one who wore the crazy hairstyles, fixed all my friend's hair, always had to have a new look.

Through my 30 years in the business my love has not changed.

What has been best through my career is the constant learning and changing of styles. Colors are wonderfully technical nowadays and I can do so much more than was ever possible. I am proud to have educated myself to Redken Master Specialist in Color and Hair Design.

When the amazing product "Olaplex" was released two years ago I had it my hands the day it became available. Colors since then have been even more amazing. (Read Olaplex page for more information)

After 15 years in a salon, doing what I love to do, I was craving something new and different.  I have always loved long hair. Formal styles. Creative updos. Long hair was my favorite thing to do. Extensions had intrigued me for years but the quality was never good and I didn't want to use inferior products on my clients. Great Lengths had come to the USA a few years before (1998). WOW!!! I knew I had found my new niche in my career and enjoy it more than anything I have ever done. I became a Certified Great Lengths technician in 2002 and have been a part of them since then.

Bringing long beautiful, high quality hair to clients, especially those who either could not grow it out on their own, due to fineness or thinness or damage or just slow growing hair or not wanting to wait the months it takes to grow hair,  is such a pleasure. 14 Years after being ceritified I still find it as exciting as when I started. As the transition begins, watching a clients face as their hair changes is beyond wonderful.

Over the last 14 years I have become known as one of the top extensionists in the area. My clients come from all over including other states.  I am proud to have been with Great Lengths for 17 years. Their superior quality is not matched by any other company.  I do offer several types of hair extensions to meet my clients needs and we will work together to find what is best for your hair and your budget.

As the world of hair extensions continues to grow, I have become concerned with poor quality and professionals who do not know what they are doing. My concern is to keep my client's hair in the best condition I can throughout the life of the extensions.

The growth of this profession has been intriquing nd inspiring. I continue to enjoy education and with so much available, I am constantly learning.  Staying on top of trends, learning new tools and designs is what continues to keep me interested and in love with my profession. Pleasing my clients is my reward.

I look forward to meeting you,

Debi Brittain-Smith