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 "DREAMCATCHERS" is a lock, micro link attachment.. A strand by strand reusable system costing $1000 to $1400 for a normal lengthening.  

With beautiful colors to match your hair, we can take you to up to 20" with this system. Dreamcatchers require a visit to the salon every six weeks for an adjustment. This sytem can last up to 9 months ( with adjustments every 6 weeks)

Dreamcatchers Crowning Glory .

Crowning glory is a piece that matches your hair perfectly and can by clipped it to give your bang and frontal area a fuller more natural look. Can be used along with extensions.  Special ordered and colored to match your own hair so it is undetectible, you will enjoy this piece.


During my years as a certified technician I have seen may client's whose hair has been runined by untrained people applying extensions.If not applied properly(even Great Lengths), if not taught how to maintain them, you WILL have damage. Be aware that many salons claim they do Great Lengths but they do not. As more and more stylists want to do extensions, there will more “bad” extensions out there. Please use caution and be informed.  Read below for more information.

Please keep the following in mind when seeking a technician to apply Great Lengths or ANY  hair extension system.

Great Lengths and Dreamcatcher technicians are certified. They should have a certification posted close to where your consultation takes place. If you do not see one, ask to see it.  Make sure the certification belongs to them. The machine says Great Lengths, the packaging says Great Lengths, you should have NO doubt of what is being used on your hair. Even our plastic guards say Great Lengths on them.


If they do NOT offer you a consultation, advise you and hand you a sheet on maintenance before you agree to them, run out the door!. You should be asked about what length you want...given an estimate, asked to fill out a form about your hair and asked to read and sign a maintenance agreement      ( what you are willing to do for the care of the extensions) before you ever pay any money or make an appt.

I am very proud of what I do and the quality of work I  perform. I know what it took for me to get where I am and it saddens me that people take the best products available and either apply them wrong or use deception with clients to make them think they are using top of the line brands.


Please know that your happiness with the end result is what makes my job the wonderful one that it is.  The pleasure derived from giving women the beautiful longer, thicker hair they have always dreamed of is very gratifying. I see the difference in people as they walk out the door. in their smile.. in their walk ..and in their confidence.


Below are pics of a lady who was told by her stylist extensions would not damage your hair. This what she looked like at 6 weeks. It was a “bargain” price so she went for it. I’m sure the day she walked out she was thrilled to have so much hair.

Bonds are hugs and double bonded. Huge pieces of extensions are added to very fine hair, which is dangerous because of the weight on the natural hair and the harm it can do.  We told her the bad extensions  had to be removed to prevent further damage and nothing else could be applied to her hair for 6 months. Only then could quality extensions could be reapplied correctly.  Suddenly that bargain didn’t seem so good.

The photo on the bottom right I took of a client who called to see if we could correct a bad haircut she received when a stylist applied a track system of hair extensions. There is nothing worse to me in my business when I have to tell a client how badly her hair has been done, If you look closely you will see where the hair is being tightly pulled into the “track”. It was so tight it was pulling white pustules from her scalp. She said it was painful to touch, wash or do anything to, but she had used her birthday money to pay for them and really did not want to let go of them. I had to tell her if she did not get them out she would have major damage and possible infection frm the open sores.. As the stylist was taking them out she found four more areas where her skin was deep red and one even bleeding. NO ONE should do this kind of work and call themselves professional.  If you see how thin this clients hair is, she was not even a candidate for extensions. Just unbelieveable.

When we asked this client if the stylist was certified in extensions, she replied that the stylist answered that she had her own method. That means, she had no training and was guessing.

NO ONE should leave a salon in pain. While your head can be a bit tender from application , extensions should not be heavy or uncomfortable.

Once again, extensions should never be thought of as a “bargain”.  Ask questions and check for certification.


Questions you have asked about hair extensions

I receive many questions and try to answer them all.  It is important to remember that answers can vary from person to person because everyone's hair and scalp is a different.  This page offers general answers to the questions heard time and again.  If you have a question you can email Debi herself or call or text her at 405-306-3450. Leave a message or text and she will respond within 24 hours. Most of the day is spent with clients. To allow time to talk with you she will do it when she has time to answer all of your questions without being rushed. Let her know what a good time is to call back.

She will give you the same respect when you are in her chair.

Please take time to read the following. It will answer most of the questions you will ask when contacting her.

How much do hair extensions cost?Look to your left and you can read about each system and what the average cost is for each.

Will Hair Extensions damage my hair?  If you care for your hair as recommended, do not leave them in longer than recommended and have them professionally removed, there will be no damage to your natural hair.  These are the three most important ways you will care for your extensions.

You might notice loose hair attached to the bonds several weeks after application but this is the result of natural shedding.  The extended hair will still be attached because is is bonded or locked down and cannot shed off naturally until the bond or lock  is removed. If you home color or perm your hair ( not done by a professional who is trained with extensions) then you will be taking a chance on damage.

If your hair has been relaxed in any other way than Thermal Straightening or Keratin Smoothing System you might experience breakage.  We do not recommend Great Lengths extensions if your hair is straightened with any products other than those mentioned. Dreamcatchers and Hotheads can be removed to allow the service and then reattached after 24 hours.

The two major factors that will cause breakage are leaving the extensions in too long and not properly grooming them.



How long can the extensions stay in my hair?

The average time is 2 to 4 months for Great Lengths.  The variable depends upon your natural rate of hair loss, the density of your hair. and how well you keep up the maintenance. We have had a few clients with dark thick hair who were able to keep them for over 8 mos.   This is NOT typical and not recommended.

With Dreamcatchers or Hotheads or Great Lengths Apps  the hair is moved up every 6 weeks and new locs added if needed.

Dreamcatcher hair can be used for up to 9 months before new hair needs to be purchased. This will depend on your maintenance and styling process. All extension hair has been chemcially treated and must be treated as such. If your natrual hair is damamged from heat, so will the extensions.


Can I treat Extensions like my own hair?

Yes you can.  We do recommend that you use  Redken and Pureology products while you have them in your hair.  Redken Cerafil will slow down natural hair shedding. People with very thick hair actually have much more natural hair shedding daily, so while it might seem crazy to have thick hair and used something for thin fine hair, it is to help your extensions stay in longer.   While Pureology or Redken are our personal top recommended brands any quality  shampoo and conditioner will be fine.



Is there a special way to care for the Hair Extensions?Yes.

During a consultation before adding extensions we will show you a maintenance guide and discuss it with you.  The guide includes everything you need to know to keep your hair and the extensions in good condition.  Of course a copy of the guide will be yours to keep after application.


Why do I need a consultation?

A consultation is the most important part of adding hair extensions to your natural hair.  Density, Length, Color and Style are all considered during the 30 minute consultation. No price can be given until all information is considered. Consultations are free.

A consultation is imperative to discover what is perfect for you as an individual.


If you make an appointment for a consultation and do not call to cancel or fail to show up there will be a $35 re-booking charge. Time is booked out for you and cannot be filled at the last minute. Please be considerate and call to cancel.

How long after the consultation can I have Hair Extensions applied?

That will largely depend uponthe upcoming schedule and if the colors and lengths you need are available.  In most cases hair is shipped within a few days and you can have your hair within a week.  Occasionally we have hair on backorder, but not often.

Overnight shipping is available for an extra charge for clients who need the extensions in ASAP.

 Great Lengths comes in so many colors , it is usually very easy to match you hair, even if it is colored or highlighted. Occasionally there is a client who's extensions require coloring to match. Allow an extra day for this process.   If your hair is permed  and you want the new hair to match the curl ( it has a beautiful natural wave to it should  you choose to scrunch it in)  the new strands must undergo the same process and each step will add to the time taken to prepare the Extensions for application. 

What if my natural hair is colored or highlighted?  Hair extensions cannot be applied until 48 hours after coloring your hair.  The extensions come in a vast range of colors but if one of those colors is not quite right the strands of the extensions will be custom blended to match your hair. For highlighted or dimensional color (more than two colors) as many colors as necessary can be applied.

This is an investment that makes YOU look and feel better about yourself. If you are going for a look that is quality and will bring looks of amazement and awe by others then you will need to invest in a quality system. Great Lengths IS that system. There are many types of extensions on the market. Experience has shown us that ONLY this system has the top quality hair and bonding systems that come in high end extensions.


If you have been told you are getting great hair because it is “Remy” please read below what Remy Hair actually is.

The term "remy" or "remi" is not a type of hair nor an indication of hair quality or origin. Rather, its is a descriptive reference that indicates the hair has it's cuticle layer intact. For extensions, hair with it's cuticle layer intact is most desirable as it's the cuticle layer ( hairs outer most surface layer) that is hairs protective layer and what gives hair it's reflective value/shine. Therefore "remy" is a description that can be used on all hair, great quality or bad. Unfortunately, the hair sourcing industry is not regulated and most claims of "remy" / "remi" and hair origin claims are simply not true. The cheapest and most available hair is Chinese in origin. While Chinese ethnicity hair is very strong, shiny and beautiful, any hairdresser will tell you it's most difficult to work with. It's harder to curl, harder to color, harder to perm and harder to manipulate it to any of state other than is natural very straight smooth texture. The reason it's not ideal for extensions is because Chinese hair strands are significantly thicker than that of European or Caucasian hair. Chinese hair has a very thick cortex ( center of the hair strand) and a thick, tight cuticle layer. To make it more suitable for extensions, manufacturers will make these hair strands thinner by subjecting the hair to acid baths to remove the cuticle layer resulting in a finer strand of hair. The problem here is when you remove the hairs cuticle layer, you're removing the hairs protective layer, weight and shine. To compensate for that manufacturers will add a silicone coating to the hair giving it temporary weight and shine often giving the hair a "doll hair" like appearance and feel. After a few shampoos that coating washes away and the real problems begin...significant tangling, dull lifeless hair. Great Lengths International is the ONLY company in the industry that guarantees Ethical and Traceable hair sourcing practices and toxic chemical free processes that produce high quality, authentic remi hair GUARANTEED.

You have noticed that we offer several types of hair extensions.

All of the types that are offered are top of the line in that category.

Different systems help clients choose what works best with their hair. Everyone likes options.

After 17 years of experience in the world of hair extensions I will tell you no company can match the quaity of hair offered by Great Lengths.

Hair and bonding systems stand alone and above any other hair extension system.


Please take time to read the following. It will explain the costs of extensions.

. When you are done go to the before and after page to see our clients.

          To have quality extensions with a premium product, to have the luxury of the most beautiful human hair on the market, to have the ability of a certified technician to apply them and to walk out of the salon with your hair looking better than you have ever looked, does cost a premium price.

        I am proud of the work I do and stand behind my ability. I believe due to education, ceritification, using only the best products and the skill level you will find that I am  the best technician in the area for hair extensions. Very few can make that claim. You will see certifications for all systems in the salon.

   The following prices are for a full head of extensions.  You can lengthen bangs, sides, add volume or have hair  customized to fit your needs. Price will be determined during your consultation. 


will cost between $1100 and $1800, on the average. In other words they can be lower or higher depending on your specific needs. Great Lengths, a system that stands above all others is a strand by strand fusion or cold fusion/flat bond system. It will remain in your hair for 3 to 5 months( also depending on your natural hair) and with the correct maintenance and not leaving them in too long, they will continue to look beautiful the entire time.  Volumizing or clients with thinner, longer hair can have less hair added and the price will be below $1000. The consultaton will determine what is best for you.

Great Length now offers apps for a reusuable system with the premiuim quality hair you have coem to expect.

Extensions and Facts about them.