Home Care Maintenance For Your Great Length Hair Extensions

Following all recommended maintenance means these will stay in the best of condition and protect your own hair from any damage during the duration they are in your hair.

1.  Do not shampoo for two days.  Always wash your hair with your head backwards.   Do not tilt forward.  Never dry with a scrubbing action, instead wrap with a towel to absorb water. Always dry bonds to prevent breakdown. Do NOT use products containing sulfa. (dandruff shampoos etc)


2.  If recommended  Always use ANTI-TAP after every wet treatment. Mix 1 oz. to 7 oz. of water in an 8 oz. spray bottle.  Do not use the larger spray bottle as the shelf life of the product when mixed is 30 days.


3. Brush your extensions thoroughly once a day, gently, holding your hair at the base, with recommended brush, beginning at the nape of the neck. ALWAYS pull your extensions into a soft scrunchy while sleeping to prevent tangling. If you are wearing the hair curly then run your fingers through the bonds at least once daily. Aggressive brushing will cause you to pull your hair out. GENTLY brush.  


4. New Clients Return to salon in two weeks for checkup service. Seeing you will allow me to know that you are brushing properly and if not, to help you learn how to do it correctly. If your haircut needs to be adjusted that will be done during that appointment.  Proper brushing is what will keep these from matting the longer they are in your hair. If you do not return there is no guarantee to the condition your hair will be in at the end of the life of the extensions.  While it is acceptable to have another stylist do your hair, if within one month of the service you have it cut or colored by another salon the guarantee is null and void.  It takes time for extensions to set in. The cut at the time of service can be adjusted anytime over the following 2 weeks at no charge.         

5. Curling irons, flatirons and hot rollers may be used. Sliding over bonds is okay, so long as you do not pause on the bonds. Flattening bonds will cause them to loosen.


6. Activities in a constant, damp environment such as aerobics, steam baths or Saunas, swimming etc  may lessen the longevity of the your extensions.  Precautions should be taken to avoid this happening.  To minimize these effects, wet hair completely in a shower and apply Anti-Tap prior to  

activity.  Dry bonds as soon as you are done. For strips, we do not recommend salt, chlorine etc.


7. Some extension loss is normal and to be expected. Average client natural hair loss is 50-100 natural hairs per day. A full head application covers approximately one-third to half of the head. You can expect to see a small quantity of naturally released hairs trapped in the attachments after some time. This is normal and should not be interpreted as hairs pulled out of the scalp by the extensions themselves. Daily brushing close to the scalp and finger separation of the applied strands will avoid matting in this area.    

8. To guarantee condition of natural hair, your extensions must be removed chemically by a trained technician.  The cost of removal is $85 per hour and can take from 60 to 90 minutes on a normal head. If extensions are not in good condition ( matted)  it can take much longer to safely remove them.     If you pull them out yourself you WILL experience breakage.     

WARNING:  Heat does NOT remove the extensions.  It melts them into your hair.

Please call the Debi 405-306-3450 if you have any problems or feel your extensions are loosening or coming out.

Maintenance for Great Lengths Apps

Always brush in a downward motion

Ponytails should be at your neck and not pulled high on your head.  Your extensions should be pulled back in a soft holder at nighttime.

Shampooing with recommended products should be in a downward direction. Condition from band down. Hold hair at base when combing out.

Extensions are human hair and should be treated as you would chemically treated hair. Always condition.

5. You can use any products you choose. Oils or shine products should also be kept off the base.

6. Apps must be moved up no longer than 6 weeks from time of application. We recommend you make that appointment at the end of your initial application day.

If you do experience any loss of your extensions place them in a baggie and bring them with you for your appointment to reset.

If you have them loosen up or come out before your appointment call the salon and we will make sure we get you in to reapply it.

You have a high quality extension system in your hair. Please take of it and it will last you for several applications.