All colors will include Olaplex, a new additive that will help prevent damage to your hair while repairing broken bonds.

Below are basic prices. All colors will be adapted to the clients needs and during your consultation we will discuss what is needed and what the cost will be. There will be no surprises after your service. Colors can be very technical, depending on what service you are having. We will always discuss steps and what needs to be done to keep your hair in optimum condition.

I reserve the right to refuse a service if I feel it will be damaging to your hair the the results you want cannot be obtained safely.


Haircut, includes shampoo, light conditioner, cut and blow dry with style          $50

Long hair or extension cut and blow out with style                                             $65

Men's cut and style                                                                                             $30

Clipper cut                                                                                                           $20

Children's cut, under 12                                                                                      $20


Blow out include shampoo, light conditioner, dry and style                              

  Short hair                                                                                                         $35

  Medium to shoulders                                                                                       $40

  Long hair smoothed or curled                                                                          $50

  Formal styles or updos                                                                                    $75


Olaplex is a 3 part treatment. Added to your color serve is #1, after rinse treatment #2 and take home treatment number #3.

#3 can only be purchased if you have had a chemical service or full treatment done by Debi

Olaplex full treatment ( includes blow out) with take home #3                          $60

Treatment only with no dry and take home #3                                                  $40  

Masque Deep Moisturizing Conditioner                                                             $15                                                                                                                                         


All of my colors include a haircut.

   Color, single or retouch, short to medium hair                                                  $95

   Medium to long, new or color change ( not corrective)                                     $110 and up

   Full foil, ombre or hair painting                                                                          $120 and up

   Toner or glaze added                                                                                         $20

   Color single, foiled                                                                                             $125 and up

   Partial foil ( not in lower area)                                                                            $110 and up

Corrective color has only a starting price of $95. We will discuss what needs to be done, but this is the one service that can change during the process. The estimate will be as close as possible but price will vary with each client.

TEXTURE WAVE, BEACHY WAVE OR PERMS  ( Haircut included in price)

   Short hair                                                                                                         $80

   Medium to shoulder                                                                                         $110

   Specialty ( Spiral, piggy backed, stacked )                                                      $125 and up


Both systems begin at $175 and go up to $400. Both are determined by the client's length and thickness.

Keratin Smoothing is a temporary system that will last about 3 months. It slowly leaves the hair and your hair will eventually return to it's natural state. It can safely be redone at 6 weeks if you want to continue with the smoother look . Our Keratin does not conatin any formaldhyde as some smoothing products are known to have.

Keratin can be used to fully straighten

Thermal Straightening is a chemical service which will permanently straighten your hair. This is a long hair service.  The weight of your hair will help to add tension to the new growth ( keeping the top area straight) and allow you up to 9 months before a new service would need to be applied to the new growth.

Hair Extensions

All extensions require a consultation to determine how much and what colors to order. All extensions are custom ordered with delivery usually in one to two days.

To see more about pricing and read how to care for and most questions you would ask go to the Extensions Information Page, then go to before and afters to see work performed on my clients.

Call Debi for your consultation appointment. 405-306-3450


GIFT CERTIFICATES available at the salon or by phone. $5 service charge will apply for phone orders.

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