Thinning Hair Solutions

I am like those of you who have experinced hair loss or thinning.  I always had a beautifukl,  thick head of hair but the last few years  my hairline is thinner and I cannot create the styles on myself I used to, without help.

If the thinning or loss is not caused by a medical or inherited conditon, there is help.

I have been an extension technician since 2002.  While most of my years have been creating luxurious long hair, as my clients went into the 40s and 50s  and now into thier 60's,  their hair changed.  Without a good base to apply extensions the technique had to change. Where I had always  loved and preferred the strand by strandd method, it was apparent the tapes or apps were much better for creating the look my clients wanted.   Apps build density better than the strand by strand method which on thin hair, can look stringy.,

As my hair started to thin I began playing with them, not to freate length but to fill in thiose thin spots. Ihave always worn my hair short and spikey , messy.  It was difficult to do, no matter what products I used because I can't plump up what doesn't exist.

I used the shortest app Great lengths extensions and applied them around my face where3 I am thin.  What a difference.  The amazing Great Lengths come in pieces that look like your natural hair is growing,  It takes a very small bit of hair to cover these up.  i

Cost ranges according to how many apps are applied. I have five in my hair. That would be $100  plus cut and style.  Maintenance is  every four weeks ( just like your cut and color) and is $10 per app. So  for me it would be $50 a month maintencance on top of my regular monthly hair care.

Above is a picture of me. Trust me those great thick fringes around my face are not my hair.  Those are the Great Lengths Apps.   As we age we have to learn to embrace the changes and be willing to look at ways to enhance.  I love my life.  I trust each day that God will bless my life with continued wonderful people and allow me to help others.

PRODUCTS THAT MAY HELP  ( From  Allure Magazine)

1. Minoxidil. It’s the only FDA-approved topical nonprescription medication that can claim to regrow hair — and it should be part of any hair-loss plan if you have serious thinning. Minoxidil has loads of research to back it, but it requires commitment. If you quit using it, your hair will start to lose ground again. Use a 5 percent strength.  Never use the Minoxidil  for men.  There is a major difference and can cause issues on women.

2. Hair fibers. The best (and easiest) way to hide a widening part or sparse patch is with hair fibers. They’re tiny, charged fibers that adhere to your scalp (until your next shampoo). Toppik Hair Building Fibers ($25) come in a range of colors so you can easily find one that matches your own hair. (In a pinch, you can also brush a powdered eye shadow that matches your hair color along your part.)

Many of my clients have used Toppix to blend the thin hair and help it look like they have more.  You can find Toppik in your local drug store in the color secrtion.

3. Also availble are Spray on Colors. I use them all the time.  Most of my clients who are grey use them betwen colors.  I have a thin section in front that I can't apply the apps to so I spray it every tinme I fix my hair. Quick shot and it is covered up. My favorite brand it L'Oreal.  If you look it up you will see the blue can and the black can, which says professional.  There is NO difference.  I have both and tried them out.

I have been in this business for over 40 years.  I strongly believe in professional products as opposed to store bought ones.  Except for this.  What I pay wholesale is more than you will pay at Walgreens retail.  So buy it at your local store.  If you want  convienence while at your salon by all means purchase it there, for double the price.